Future Events

29th Annual Tech Olympics

in South Padre Island, Texas, USA
14 – 16 May 2024
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Elementary Technology Conference

in Galveston, Texas, USA
9- 11 June 2024
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We Teach_CS Summit

in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
11 – 12 June 2024
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Region 14 ESC

in Austin, Texas, USA
18 June 2024
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Past Events

FETC 2024

in Orlando, Florida, USA 23rd – 26th January 2024 >> Read More

TCEA 2024

in Austin, Texas, USA 3rd – 7th February 2024 >> Read More

Apple One Texas CTE Series

at Apple Campus, Austin, Texas, USA
28 March 2024
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Rudy Neufeld

The author of “First Steps in Coding through Mathematical Thinking and Game-Based Learning for KaiBot in Kainundrum”, is presenting at

  • Hudson Mohawk Valley Math Conference in NY State, March 11
  • Michigan Assoc of Computer Users and Learners, Detroit, March 15 to 17
  • Ten County Math Educators Assoc, NY State, March 25
  • Great HomeSchool Conference, Greenville, SC, March 30 to April 1
  • Great HomeSchool Conference, Cincinnati, OH, April 13 to 15
  • Ontario Assoc of Math Educators, Toronto, On, Canada, Apr 27 to 28
  • Florida Parent Educators Assoc., Orlando, FL,  May 25 to 27

FETC 2023

in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

23rd – 26th January 2023

BOOTH 3416

TCEA 2023

in San Antonio, Texas USA

30th January – 2nd February 2023

Stand 434

MECA Conference 2023

in Jackson, Mississippi, USA

9th -10th February 2023

Stand 320

IDEAcon 2023

in Chicago, Illinois, USA

14th-15th February 2023

Stand 527

WeTeach CS

in Houston, USA

16th – 17th June 2023

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ITSE 2023

in Philadelphia, USA

25th – 28th June 2023

BOOTH 1222

American Library Association Annual Conference 2023

in Chicago, USA

22nd – 27th June 2023

BOOTH 1641, Tech Test Pilot Playground

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Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics

in Michigan, USA
19th – 20th July 2023

BOOTH 1641, Tech Test Pilot Playground

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33rd Annual NZSTA Conference

in Rotorua, New Zealand
20th – 23rd July 2023

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Brightstar: STEAM Education Summit

in Auckland, New Zealand 28th – 29th August 2023 >> Read More

NCompass Live

Live webinar 30th August 2023, 3pm CT >> Learn More

Innovation Expo

in Christchurch, New Zealand 10th – 11th September 2023 >> Read More

uLearn 2023

in Auckland, New Zealand 4th – 6th October 2023 >> Read More

ESC 8 Lite Conference

in Pittsburg, Texas, USA 17th October 2023 >> Read More

American Library Association of School Librarians Conference

in Tampa, USA 19th – 21st October 2023 >> Read More

TCCA 2023

in Houston, Texas, USA 28th October 2023 >> Read More

2023 MAGC Conference

in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA 15th – 17th November 2023 >> Read More

Fall Innovative Teaching and Technology Conference

in Kilgore, Texas, USA 15th November 2023 >> Read More

ESC Region 11 Fall Library Conference

in White Settlement, Texas, USA 16th November 2023 >> Read More

FETC 2022

Orlando, USA

 25-25th January 2022

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TCEA 2022

Dallas, USA

February 7-10th 2022 >>Register here

MECA Homecoming 2022

February 23rd-25th 2022
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Online 12th – 13th March, 2022 >>Register here

ITE TechExpo 2022

in Sydney, Australia 16th – 18th March 2022 Stand 1632  Day 2 Session 2 Workshop >More information

CSTA 2022 Annual Conference

in Chicago, USA
14th – 15th July, 2022

>>Register here

Making Makerspace Magic with Office Max

in Auckland, New Zealand 3rd August 2022 Calling all teachers! >>More information

Making Makerspace Magic with Office Max

in Christchurch, New Zealand 17th August 2022 Calling all teachers! >>More information

Making Makerspace Magic with Office Max

in Wellington, New Zealand 24th August 2022 Calling all teachers!

EduTech 2022 Melbourne

in Melbourne, Australia 10-11 August 2022, Stand 934 >> Register here

Texas Public Charter Schools Conference

in San Antonio, USA 26th – 28th September, 2022 >>Register here

PRIME Library & Digital Learning

in Fort Worth, Texas, USA 30th September 2022 >>Website

Tauranga STEM Festival

in Tauranga, New Zealand 2 October 2022 >>Free Tickets 

OfficeMax Makerspace event

in North Shore, New Zealand 21st September 2022 Calling all teachers!

Mississippi Association for Gifted Children

in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA 5-7 October 2022 >>Register here

NZSTA Conference 2022

in Christchurch, New Zealand 7-9 October 2022 >>Register here 

Lite Conference ESC

in Pittsburg, Texas, USA
25th October


MOTAT Stem Fair

in Auckland, New Zealand 30th October 2022

EdCamp East Fort Worth

in Fort Worth, Texas, USA 12th November 2022 >>Website

FITT 2022

in East Texas, USA 16th November 2022 >>Website

Celebrating International Education Day

Online Webinar

Thursday, Jan. 28th 2021 @ 3:30 PM EST


in Auckland, New Zealand

20th February 2021 @ 2PM NZT

Whymaker STEAM Community Workshops

Online Webinar

24th February 2021 @ 4 – 5 PM EST





Maker Maven – How to use Kai for Hybrid and Remote Learning

Online Webinar

4th March 2021 @ 4 PM CT



Use Design Thinking for Developing Innovative Digital Curricula and Inspiring Learning Solution

Online Webinar

8th March 2021

Mars March Maker Madness

Online Challenge

Throughout the month of March 2021

Computational Thinking for All, Meet Commitment Makers


14th May 2021, 10 am (PST)


in New Zealand

 – 21 May at Lincoln Event Centre
Wellington – 25 May at Lower Hutt Events Centre
Auckland – 27 May at Trust Arena

Noel Leeming STEAM Workshop with Kai’s Clan


1st June 2021

SeaPerch Challenge


4-5 June 2021

FETC 2020

in Miami, USA 14th – 17th January 2020 Stand 1632 


in London
22nd – 25th January 2020
Stand NJ43


in Austin, Texas, USA

3rd – 7th February 2020 Stand 2370


in Kingsgrove, Australia

5th March 2020


in North Sydney, Australia
14th – 15th March 2020

National FutureSchools Festival 2020

in Melbourne, Australia
18th – 19th March 2020

New Zealand School Leadership Forum 2020

in Auckland, New Zealand

31st March – 1 April 2020



MOTAT Science Fair 2020

 in Auckland, New Zealand
5th April 2020


DigiCON 2020

 in Melbourne, Australia
15 -17th April 2020




Code Venture 2020

16th & 23rd April 2020


STEAM Education Summit 2020

in Auckland, New Zealand
26-27th May 2020

Cambridge Community of Learning,

in Waikato, New Zealand
12th June 2020


Opaheke School STEAM Mini Meet-up

in Auckland, New Zealand
29th July 2020

DLTV Collaborative online coding with Kai’s Clan: simulating real-world issues

Online Webinar
12th August 2020

Paeroa College day

in Paeroa, New Zealand
14 August 2020

TEQ Virtual Conference 2020

with New York, (Zoom)
21 August 2020



Online Webinar
14th September 2020



Taupo College

Online Webinar
15th September 2020



North Otago Principals’ Association Teaching and Learning Conference

 in Oamaru, New Zealand
27-28th September 2020



Engaging Girls in Digitech

 in Christchurch, New Zealand
30th September 2020



Create Your Own Robot Avatar – MOTAT

 in Auckland, New Zealand
7th September 2020

The Great NZ School Space Race

10th June 2020 – 25th September 2020
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Global Maker Day

7am NZT, 21st October 2020 (2pm Eastern Time 20th October 2020)



Collaborative Coding – A Unique Resource During Distance Learning & Beyond! || Maker Maven & Kai’s Clan

4PM Central Time – 29th October 2020



Kai’s Clan Exclusive Webinar Week 1

1PM Central Time 4th November 2020



Kai’s Clan Exclusive Webinar Week 2

1PM Central Time 11th November 2020



Kai’s Clan Exclusive Webinar Week 3

1PM Central Time 18th November 2020



Kai’s Clan Exclusive Webinar Week 4

1PM Central Time 25th November 2020



Merconnet/Canadian Classroom


Online Webinar



17th November 2020 11AM Pacific Time

20th November 2020 11AM Pacific Time

Getting Started with Robotic Clubs and Comps, ICTE NSW


8PM AEST, 23rd November 2020



ISTE: Champions of CS and CT Playground 2020


Start: 7:30am PST/8:30am MST/9:30am CST/10:30 EST
End: 9:00am PST/10:00am MST/11:00am CST/noon EST

Use Design Thinking for Developing Innovative Digital Curricula and Inspiring Learning Solutions

Online Webinar

10th – 11th December 2020

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