Find below software for your KaiBot robots

Kai’s Education creates coding apps to enrich interactions with Kai Education robots, suitable for students of all grades and abilities. Our innovative software not only fosters lasting coding and computer science skills across mainstream education but also extends support to Special Education (SPED) students, ensuring inclusive learning for all.


Upgrade your KaiBot with the latest firmware to access new features. Please note: 

Firmware updates can only be transmitted to KaiBot via a PC or Mac using Bluetooth.

Kainundrum Lite

The Kainundrum lite app is available for iOS, Android and Chromebooks and features learn to code, code conversion to text based code (Python). It mirrors the physical KaiBot robot in KaiBot’s virtual playground, call Kainundrum! It’s like a BeeBot on steroids! Accessibility mode can be accessed inside Kainundrum Lite.

Designed for Grades K-5
Progression from KaiBot or Kainundrum Swift.

A free-to-play
code 'n game platform

Kainundrum.com is a web-based game builder and coding platform. It’s available in the browser only for PC, Mac, or Chromebook. Students  code in Blockly or Python. 

It features puzzles, mazes, and escape rooms modes. Students can share their projects with other students as well as share these in the Kainundrum lite app.

Designed for Grades 5-8
Progression from Kainundrum lite & Kainundrum Swift)
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