Kainundrum offers a fun and engaging way to learn to code through mazes, puzzles, and game creation.

It features a maze game builder with lasers, mirrors, and much more.

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Kainundrum is an innovative and exciting code ‘n game platform that lets players unleash their creativity and maze/puzzle-solving skills! Kainundrum allows players to learn and develop coding skills while providing challenges to all levels – from beginners to advanced programmers, and it is free to play.

It is more than just a video game – it is a way to channel gaming into the real world!
swift_purple Kainundrum Swift coding card _purple_2 Kainundrum Lite (app) python and blockly_purple Kainundrum.com (browser)
Devices iPad iPad, ChromeBrook & Android PC and MAC
Platform iOS iOS, Android, Chromebook App Safari, Chrome, Edge browsers
Internet required Not required after initial installation Optional, after initial installation Yes
Recommended for Grades K-3 Grades K-8 Grade 5-8
Support for low vision users - ✔️ -
Text to speech in English & Spanish
for non-readers or low visions users
- ✔️ -
Braille Coding Cards for low vision users ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Code KaiBot with Coding Cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Code KaiBot with Swift ✔️ - -
Convert coding cards to Blockly/Python - ✔️ ✔️
Convert coding cards to Swift ✔️ - -
Works with Magnetic KaiTiles ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Design your own levels with game builder - - ✔️
Code virtual KaiBot only
(i.e. physical robot not required, virtual simulation)
- - ✔️

My robot, my style

Customize your virtual robot character. You can choose an emoji and color scheme for your robot skin, and also add or change your player hat. We don’t collect PII student data!

Having character customization in your game allows for players to add their own personality to their robot avatars and gets players to be more engaged in their coding with Kainundrum.

Create your own levels

With the full version of Kainundrum.com use the included game builder to design your own mazes, escape rooms and challenges. Code ‘n play games with immersive 3D graphics right in your PC or Mac browser.

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