Kai's Education Ambassador Program

Want to become part of the Kai's Education family and represent our brand?

Welcome to the Kai’s Education Ambassador Program! We are looking for passionate and innovative primary school teachers who want to join us in our mission to inspire and empower the next generation of coders and creators.

Under Kai’s Education, Kai’s Clan robot and KaiBot were created to teach children the importance of coding and collaboration.

KaiBot is a hybrid educational robot that combines screen-free coding with an interactive virtual playground. It is designed to support grades K-5 to develop coding skills, computational thinking, creativity, and collaboration. KaiBot has won international recognition for its unique features and benefits.

As a Kai’s Education Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to share your enthusiasm and expertise with other teachers, parents, students, and the community. You will also receive exclusive rewards and incentives for your participation and contribution.

You can apply to become a KaiBot Ambassador, a Kai’s Clan Ambassador, or both!

To apply for the KaiBot or Kai’s Clan Ambassador Program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You are a kindergarten, primary school teacher or librarian
  • You have experience using robots in your classroom or after-school program
  • You have an active online presence (e.g., social media, blog, website, etc.) or offline network (e.g., professional associations, local events, etc.) 

Each year as a KaiBot or Kai’s Clan Ambassador, you will be expected to:

  • Complete relevant KaiBot or Kai’s Clan training
  • Submit a single blog post about how you use KaiBot/ Kai’s Clan and the accessories in your classroom. 
  • Contribute with lessons and activities.
  • Promote KaiBot/Kai’s Clan to your online or offline audiences at least once a month and including the hashtag #KaiBot_Ambassador or #KaisClan_Ambassador and tagging the relevant Kai’s Education social media account.
  • Participate in at least one online or offline event hosted by Kai’s Education or other teachers.
  • Support other teachers or learners who are interested in using KaiBot/Kai’s Clan

As a KaiBot Ambassador, you will receive:

  • A free KaiBot Starter Kit (including a KaiBot robot, Advanced Coding Cards, KaiTiles and the Autonomous Charging Dock)
  • A 50% discount on any additional KaiBot products or services
  • A certificate of recognition as a KaiBot Ambassador
  • Access to exclusive training sessions and webinars with Kai’s Education experts

As a Kai’s Clan Ambassador, you will receive:

  • A free Kai’s Clan Start Pack (including 4 Kai’s Clan robots, 1 Rescue Run AR VR Adventure Mat, Kai Bit Sensor Pack, Kai’s Coding Cards Packs)
  • A 50% discount on any additional Kai’s Clan products or services
  • A certificate of recognition as a Kai’s Clan Ambassador
  • Access to exclusive training sessions and webinars with Kai’s Education experts

By signing up for the Kai’s Education Ambassador Program, you agree to:

  • Commit to the program for at least 1 year
  • Communicate regularly with the Kai’s Education team via email or phone
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of Kai’s Education and its partners
  • Maintain a professional and respectful tone when representing Kai’s Education and KaiBot

Lights, Camera, Action!

Are you ready to join us as a KaiBot Ambassador? Don’t miss this chance to make a difference in education and technology. We can’t wait to hear from you!

We will review your application and contact you if you are selected.

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