How does KaiBot work?

KaiBot uses an innovative downward-facing camera that can read Kai coding cards as well as sense what tile number and position it is on.

Charging dock

  • Place KaiBot onto the included charging dock
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The roof is compatible with Lego 

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A downward-facing camera that reads coding cards & magnetic tiles

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1″ LCD display

  • Displays the recorded coding card
  • Displays the player’s emoji when paired with Kainundrum
  • Displays battery level
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4 x RGB LED 

  • Displays the various states that KaiBot is in
  • Displays your custom profile color from Kainundrum
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KaiBot charging dock and tiles

KaiBot can either be charged using the included USB cable or the optional Autonomous Charging Dock for self-charging!

Magnetic connector

  • Multiple charge docks can be linked together
  • Charge with the supplied magnetic USB charging cable
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  • When KaiBot is paired with Kainundrum, KaiBot can autonomously drive to the charging dock and charge itself
  • Once KaiBot is fully charged, it automatically drives off the charging dock
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  • Each tile is uniquely numbered
  • Tiles are magnetic and snap into place
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Tap KaiBot to scan each card

Program KaiBot with either the included coding cards or use Blockly or Python along with Kainundrum.

Pair KaiBot with Kainundrum and watch KaiBot come to life!

KaiBot can work screen-free, or via the KaiBot simulator called Kainundrum

Use KaiBot with or without Tiles

Without tiles, KaiBot can veer off course, but with KaiTiles KaiBot precisely drives on KaiTiles by using its downward-facing camera. 

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