How does KaiBot work?

KaiBot uses an innovative downward-facing camera that can read Kai coding cards as well as sense what tile number and position it is on.

Charging dock

  • Place KaiBot onto the included charging dock
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The roof is compatible with Lego 

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A downward-facing camera that reads coding cards & magnetic tiles

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1″ LCD display

  • Displays the recorded coding card
  • Displays the player’s emoji when paired with Kainundrum
  • Displays battery level
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4 x RGB LED 

  • Displays the various states that KaiBot is in
  • Displays your custom profile color from Kainundrum
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KaiBot charging dock and tiles

Magnetic connector

  • Multiple charge docks can be linked together
  • Charge with the supplied magnetic USB charging cable
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  • When KaiBot is paired with Kainundrum, KaiBot can autonomously drive to the charging dock and charge itself
  • Once KaiBot is fully charged, it automatically drives off the charging dock
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  • Each tile is uniquely numbered
  • Tiles are magnetic and snap into place
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