Unlocking CTE Funding for Innovative Learning with Kai's Education Products

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Did you know your Texas school could gain access to cutting-edge robotics and coding tools without breaking the budget? Career and Technology Education (CTE) funding supports innovation, and Kai’s Clan and KaiBot can be the cornerstone of your next-gen learning programs. Let’s see how to put that funding to work.

Understanding CTE Funding

The CTE allotment provides weighted funding for eligible full-time equivalent (FTE) students in approved programs, plus an additional $50 per FTE for those enrolled in certain advanced courses. This funding is a valuable resource for schools aiming to offer practical, career-oriented learning through innovative tools such as Kai’s Education products.

Reference: https://tea.texas.gov/finance-and-grants/state-funding/additional-finance-resources/career-and-technology-education-allotment

Calculating Your Funding

Let’s break down how you can estimate the funding available for purchasing Kai’s Education products:

Example: Imagine your school wants to introduce Kai’s Clan and KaiBot into your CTE curriculum. With a potential reach of 100+ students, your school may secure enough funding to provide these resources to hundreds of students! Here’s a calculator to assist you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing CTE Funding

Align Your Goals: Ensure Kai’s Clan or KaiBot meet your CTE program objectives.
Engage with Decision-Makers: Present the educational value and funding strategy to your administration.
Document the Need: Outline how these tools will be used and the expected impact on learning.
Navigate the Funding Process: Work with your finance department to apply these funds towards the purchase.
Leverage Professional Development: Maximize the potential of Kai’s Education products through available training.
Share Success Stories: Check out how your district can boost student engagement with Kai’s products thanks to CTE funding.

Example 1: Calculating Weighted Funding

Scenario: Your school plans to integrate Kai’s Clan into its CTE curriculum. With 100 students participating, here’s how to calculate your funding:

Weighted Funding Calculation:

  • Level 1 and 2 Courses:
    • 50 students×1.28 weight
    • 50 students×1.28 weight = 64 weighted FTEs
  • Level 3 and 4 Courses:
    • 50 students×1.47 weight
    • 50 students×1.47 weight = 73.5 weighted FTEs
  • Total Weighted FTEs:
    • 64+73.5
    • 64+73.5 = 137.5 weighted FTEs
  • Total Funding Based on AA:
    • Assuming an AA of $5,000, the total funding would be
    • 137.5 weighted FTEs×$5,000
    • 137.5 weighted FTEs×$5,000 = $687,500

Assuming an Adjusted Allotment (AA) of $5,000 per FTE: $687,500 in total funding


Example 2: Advanced CTE Course Funding

Scenario: For schools offering advanced robotics with KaiBot, each of the 20 students in advanced courses adds an extra:

  • $50 per FTE, resulting in $1,000 additional funding


Total CTE Allotment

Combining both examples, your school could have a total of $688,500 to invest in Kai’s Clan and KaiBot, significantly enriching your STEM and robotics curriculum.


Texan educators have a real chance to shape the future of CTE with the right tools. Kai’s Education products, together with CTE funding, can make your school a place where students discover real-world applications and prepare for high-demand, tech-driven careers. 

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