The team at Kai’s Education never sleeps!

Just like Kai’s Clan, we continue to finesse KaiBot in Kainundrum. Pairing your robot with Kainundrum to learn coding is ideal for 8+ students. With the addition of the new Kainundrum Lite, you can now view your coding cards in the virtual world on your iPad or Android device.  

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In Kainundrum Lite, you can activate the Easter Egg coding card for a surprise and also collect stickers for your certificates when you complete a maze. 

Kai’s Clan and KaiBot made their first TV appearance on New Zealand’s Breakfast show. Bruce and young Murray showed up on the set early in the morning with their biggest and brightest smile. They showed morning viewers who tuned into the show how KaiBot works.

We then attended the Brick4Kidz event on the Sunday of the same week and were overwhelmed with all the young students wanting to learn how to code using the screen-free coding cards. 

Murray was able to join us again and was a master at using KaiBot and helped with demonstrations. Soon, kids were queueing up to have a go at solving the maze puzzles too.

We are also super excited to be working with Rudy Neufeld (UmathX) and Heidi Williams in creating a resource for teachers. It focuses on how to code through mathematical thinking and game-based learning. 

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