The best way to predict the future is to create it!

Smart Toys Competition 2.0 is a collaborative effort between Dubai Futures Foundation and the World Economic Forum to award 5 robots in 5 categories. The award is in recognition for their AI capability but that also these robots adhere to the principles of WEF. I am happy to share with you that KaiBot was one of the 5 to receive such award.

I was very privileged to be flown to Dubai to collect this award while at the same time visiting schools. Also on the agenda was attending the GESS Award ceremony, a different award in which Kai’s Clan was a finalist in 2 categories. 

During this trip, I visited the American AI Robotics school (GEMS School) with our reseller Vikar Sayed (HME Tech), who designed the school’s maker space. GEMS School is now looking to include both Kai’s Clan and KaiBot in their very impressive collection. The school has the best and latest technology and allows its students to solve real-world problems. Technologies used at the school include AR/MR/VR devices, a self-driving vehicle, and Smart Gardens. The Smart Gardens use scanners, lasers cutters and 3D Printers to create a means of destroying weeds within their garden plots. 

A vision of Dubai in 2071

I then visited the Museum of the Future where KaiBot will be sold and let me tell you, the experience was out of this world. Seeing the ‘Hope’ replica was amazing.

 Hope is a United Arab Emirates Mars orbiter that arrived in February 2021. Hope is studying Mars’ climate to help us understand what Mars was like when its atmosphere could have supported life. Hope is the Arab world’s first mission to another planet.

The schools I visited were very impressed with both Kai’s Clan and the Mars Super Size Mat, especially how we use the mat to have students code their robots, as well as using the robots and QR codes to tell the story of “Hope.”

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