Rarotonga schools dive into coding with KaiBot

In early May, we had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful island of Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. However, we weren’t there just to enjoy the stunning views and dip in the waters. We also had the opportunity to make new friends with some local teachers and met with super-smart students.

Arorangi Primary School

During our trip, we were welcomed by Annie Kauvarevai, the principal of Apii Arorangi (Arorangi Primary School) and were introduced to her teachers Theresa Heather and John Toleafoa. 

Although the teachers did not have any prior knowledge of coding, Theresa and John quickly grasped the basics after undertaking the KaiBot Introductory Course with us. Apart from gaining confidence in coding, Theresa and John also received a certificate upon completion. 

Coding as a school subject is still relatively new to the Rarotongan education curriculum and not as commonly taught in their classrooms. Yet it is gaining traction and we believe it will only be time before we see more coding wizards from Rarotonga.

We believe that coding should be accessible, and which is why we donated  KaiBots and KaiTiles to the school so students can build a strong foundation in this important skill.

Avarua Primary School

We also paid a visit to Apii Avarua (Avarua Primary School), where we hung out with some of the students and their teacher Kris Farmer. We were so happy to see that the students already knew how to code and just took off with KaiBot without any help. They were completely engrossed in programming with the Coding Cards and watching the virtual KaiBot navigate the map with their input. Their excitement was absolutely infectious and it is the most rewarding thing ever.

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