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Magnetic KaiTiles (10 pcs)

Compatible with Kaibot only


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Pack of snap-together magnetic KaiTiles. Unique numbers 1 to 10. Optional tile packs can build up to 50 tiles on one map layout. It can be paired with to create a map corresponding to the virtual world. 

Note: Only unique tile numbers can be used on the same map layout.

What's in the box

A pack of 10 KaiTiles with unique tile numbers can be used on the same maze layout.


Tile pack 1 includes Tile no.s 1-10
Tile Pack 2 includes Tile no.s 11-20
Tile Pack 3 includes Tile no.s 21-30
Tile Pack 4 includes Tile no.s 31-40
Tile Pack 5 includes Tile no.s 41-50


The magnetic KaiTiles snap together for easy assembly.
Blue matte finish
Size 31cm x 16cm x 4.5cm / 12.2” x 6.3” x 1.8”
Weight 1.50 gram = 15 gram for 10 Pack / 3.3 lb = 33 lb for 10 Pack, x & y coordinates and a Tile number to each.
KaiBot can read each KaiTile with his special downward-facing camera.

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