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KaiBot Autonomous charging dock


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KaiBot running low on fuel? Use KaiBot’s Autonomous Charging Dock & charge tile, an optional, handy accessory to automatically fill it up with electrons. KaiBot will drive itself back to the charging dock when the battery level gets low, so you’ll never be caught with an empty tank! 


Note: KaiBot comes standard with its USB charging cable. The autonomous charging dock and charge tile allows for a self-docking and charging feature.



What's in the box

1 x KaiBot Autonomous Charging Dock – magnetic
1 x Purple Charging Tile – magnetic
1 x USB charge dock cable – magnetic


Size 65cm x 9cm x 11cm / 25.6” x 3.7” x 4.4”
Weight 200 grams / 0.4 lb
A magnetic USB cable snaps onto the charging dock for a convenient connection.*
The charging tile allows KaiBot to drive autonomously on and off the charging dock.

* Multiple charging docks can be nested using one cable to charge multiple KaiBots.

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