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  • KaiBot


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    Screen-free or online multiplayer robot. KaiBot can scan and read the coding cards, then repeat the sequence on the floor or using the ‘special’ KaiTiles. When using with KaiTiles, the robot will identify the exact angle, x & y coordinates, and tile number. KaiBot can be paired with, allowing you to join other virtual robots online in maze races, hide n seek, escape rooms, and many more games.

    Note: KaiTiles are recommended to enhance KaiBot’s capabilities. With KaiTiles, KaiBot has accurate X, Y reading and works with Kainundrum for lessons and the virtual world.

    Want more? Add the >> eBook First Steps in Coding through Mathematical Thinking and Game-Based Learning for Grades K to 8 to your teaching arsenal. This is a comprehensive resource book filled with lesson plans and activities designed specifically for KaiBot.


  • Accessory

    KaiBot Advanced Screen-free Coding Cards

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    Pack of advanced coding cards. Includes, movement, logic, functions, repeat, conditionals, variable, SEL, color plus more. Durable, water-resistant finish

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