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  • Accessory

    Magnetic KaiTiles (10 pcs)

    $151.70 Select options
    • Pack of snap-together magnetic KaiTiles.
    • Unique numbers 1 to 10.
    • Optional tile packs can build up to 50 tiles on one map layout.
    • It can be paired with to create a map corresponding to the virtual world.
    • KaiTiles are recommended to enhance KaiBot’s capabilities. With KaiTiles, KaiBot has accurate X, Y reading and works with Kainundrum for lessons and the virtual world.

    Note: Only unique tile numbers can be used on the same map layout.

    Compatible with Kaibot only

  • Accessory

    KaiBot Advanced Screen-free Coding Cards

    $73.80 Add to cart

    Pack of advanced coding cards. Includes, movement, logic, functions, repeat, conditionals, variable, SEL, color plus more. Durable, water-resistant finish

  • Accessory

    KaiBot Autonomous charging dock

    $84.78 Add to cart

    KaiBot running low on fuel? Use KaiBot’s Autonomous Charging Dock & charge tile, an optional, handy accessory to automatically fill it up with electrons. KaiBot will drive itself back to the charging dock when the battery level gets low, so you’ll never be caught with an empty tank!

    Note: KaiBot comes standard with its USB charging cable. The autonomous charging dock and charge tile allows for a self-docking and charging feature.

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