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The Kai's Education Difference

Robots that you and your students will love


Launch your students from zero to coding heros, whilst actively engaging them.


Our coding robots help build digital citizenship foster diversity, inclusivity with richer learning experiences.


Tools to forge deep, meaningful collaboration among your students.

How to use Kai's Robots

Using Kai's robots in your classroom

Increases engagement, improves student learning and teachers are supported with Kai’s Education

Grades K-5

Small on size,
big on features

This purposefully designed education coding robot creates a rich and engaging way to teach & learn coding. It’s small size defies it’s big abilities. KaiBot combines unplugged coding with coding cards or use KaiBot along with Blockly or Python programming, that delivers along side an engaging immersive virtual environment. For K-8.


KaiBot can be used unplugged, with coding cards.

Swift, Python or Blockly

Climb the coding ladder combined with gamified learning.

AR VR Robots

Kai’s Clan robotics, an all-in-one STEAM toolbox a place where student engagement & learning becomes one.

AR VR Robots

Design your robot avatar using Tinkercad or Minecraft and watch student engagement fly high with Kai.

Sensors, data & more

Make an automatic plant watering system, make a virtual hot air balloon fly high using a humidity sensor, or just graph your sensor data. Kai makes sensors easy!

Grades 5-12




Lesson plan highlights

Using Kai's robots in your classroom

Increases engagement, improves student learning and teachers are supported with Kai’s Education lesson plans.

KaiBot Lesson Plans for Grades K-5
KaiBot Lesson Plans for Grades K-5

What educators say

Educators around the world use Kai’s Clan in their classrooms, at home and in hybrid learning enviroments. 

“Being able to see the real world come to life in AR, makes it look like I’m on Mars, or look like I’m in a factory and actually doing something rather than just coding and a robot move …”

Alicia Verweij

Gifted Teacher / 2-6 grade / Mississippi


“They have such an amazing platform that you are able to share and learn with your students …”

Jaime Donally

#ARVRinEDU / Texas


“Kai’s Clan is so much more than just a yellow robot! Collaborate between schools or countries, it’s not just about talking on Zoom, it’s actually about manipulating each other’s world in the virtual …”

Karen Binns

Chairperson RoboCup Junior / ACCE Educator of the Year / Technology Teacher / NSW Australia


“I’ve used many other robotics & coding products but none of them really offered an authentic and engaging learning experience for students. This STEM product has amazing potential for our students”

Simon Williams

Teacher at Raumati Technology Centre New Zealand

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