Multiplayer collaborative coding

Fostering teamwork through Kai's Clan

In Kai’s Clan, collaborative coding takes center stage. Young learners come together to explore coding challenges as a team. Using this platform, they work in tandem to create and solve digital quests. Their individual contributions merge into a shared virtual space, showcasing the power of collective problem-solving. Through Kai’s Clan, the concept of teamwork is beautifully intertwined with coding education, nurturing not only coding proficiency but also a sense of community and collaborative spirit among the young learners.

Increase student engagement and make coding robots an Esport



Kai’s Clan is fully collaborative within the classrooms, between classrooms…We’ll be able to do the same projects via distance…that’s never been seen before. This collaboration via the internet and the cloud just doesn’t exist… Susan Bowler, Teacher and President of RoboCup Junior Australia

Code physical robots over the internet

Kai’s Clan facilitates collaboration across multiple locations due to its multiplayer cloud platform. A student in a different classroom, or even in a different state or country can collaborate on a shared class activity or goal. Kai’s Clan has a built-in classroom management system to allocate robots to students. Students can use coordinates and sensor data from other robots in their own code.


Martian Teamwork: Orchestrating a Thriving Colony with Kai’s Clan

A fantastic display of teamwork using Kai’s Clan can be observed with the Mars Base Mat, a playful simulation of a Mars colony. Here, several students band together to manage resources, stock supplies, and ensure the survival of the colony. It's a bustling little Martian world where each student steps into unique roles to ensure the base operates smoothly. It's somewhat akin to a live play, where each one has a part to perform. In this scenario, Kai’s Clan sets the stage, and each student scripts their own Kai robot to enact their designated user role, bringing the bustling Martian base to life through code!

Coding should not just be a solo activity

Let's transform how students learn to code and collaborate.

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