joins Minecraft and Tinkercad in creating Robot Avatars

Learning at School and at Home

Bringing Arts into STEAM has opened up the world of creativity for all students. Every day millions of kids play Minecraft or use Tinkercad for their latest designs, with both platforms allowing students to upload their creations to Kai’s Clan. Now, Makers Empire 3D has joined the lineup!

Makers Empire gives primary and middle school teachers the tools, skills, and resources to confidently teach Design & Technology curricula and engage students in authentic, real-world problem-solving.  

With Makers Empire 3D your child can unleash their imagination, build creative confidence, solve problems, share designs and engage in our safe, positive, online community of creators. 

But that is not all. You can now browse thousands of designs in their gallery, download, and use these designs as your Kai’s Clan Robot Avatar. Storytelling through design and coding just became more exciting.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to download, send, and load your Makers Empire Robot Avatars. Not all designs are transferable but if you can’t find one in the gallery, why not create your own?

1. Scroll down to the Gallery of Designs under the Community section.

2. Choose your image and select the download button. Click on ”send to Kai’s Clan”.

3. Next, orientate your object to face the arrow and then click the little yellow camera to commit, same as you have done with Google Poly. 

4. You can now close that tab once you see the finished message appear.
5. The teacher can now approve your new model in the Sandbox on your dashboard. Awesome! You are ready to start loading your new model into Kai’s Clan’s virtual world.

We’d love to see what you come up with, so why not design and create your new robot avatar with Makers Empire 3D?

Take some screenshots of your student’s latest designs and share them with us and we will pick our favourite one.

The winner will get their own single Kai’s Robot. Send all designs to with the subject line “MakersEmpire2021 - [Your Name]”.
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