It would be fair to say that the EDTECH marketplace is pretty saturated, with many different learning tools competing with each other.

At Kai’s Clan, we answer teachers with ‘why and how’ will Kai’s Clan make a difference in your classroom. Our system is based on the belief and findings that indicate research-based strategies and pedagogy are typically preferred over a tool-based strategy. What this means is that we start with planning a strategy, which then results in creating a tool, or option of tools to implement the strategy is preferred.

Although at Kai we offer a STEAM toolbox to the teachers, it is the professional development and projects/strategies which drew them to the product as it provides an invaluable experience for them.

To stand out from the rest, we have had to think outside the box. We are proud to have launched the Global Chess Challenge working with wonderful partners, i.e EDGEucating, Heidi Williams, Mississippi Robotics, and RoboNation.

Getting onboard with the Board

We have just returned from the New Zealand Board of Trustees Conference in Rotorua and one prominent takeaway was that teachers need resources and STEAM products that include lesson plans and support from suppliers.

Not only were the principals and board members impressed with Kai’s Clan and what it can do, we got a big green tick for being a New Zealand-made product.

We had to add these eye-catching shoes of one board member roaming the hall in Rotorua. 

Taking the first steps with you

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional “setup and get started” services for every school that purchases Kai’s Clan. The last thing we want is for a school to spend their valuable funds and then don’t know how to get started.

With the thanks of a Zoom call and good ol’ internet, we are no longer landlocked and can truly deliver the support schools deserve. We walk them through the procedure, send them online start-up lessons and share with them our lesson plans and what to do in those early days using Kai’s Clan. 

If you have a Classroom kit with a Mars Mat then you will have enough lesson plans to use for 1 term (10 weeks) with the option to create your own project thereafter or change to the Warehouse Mat that will provide another term’s lesson plans.

At Kai’s Clan, we have partnered with amazing consultants and PD providers. 

Partners like EDGEucating and No Fear Coding’s author, Heidi Williams, are working closely with us and have taken Kai’s Clan to the next level with their playbooks. 

While most of our resellers can help with the setup process and do an amazing job, the team in New Zealand is always ready to jump in. We are known to get up at 5 am to help a school set up or do some webinars at 9 pm. Timezones will not stop us from giving you the best experience with using Kai’s Clan. We put the needs of our teachers first, so any suggestions on how we can help make it easier we will try to incorporate those comments as much as possible. 

Not only do we have introductory lessons for a teacher interested in using Kai’s Clan, but we offer teaching resources, lesson ideas, and instructional videos. Plus, we have lessons for each adventure mat in Kai’s Clan. Under the lesson ideas, you can see how we use Math related lessons and Blockly coding lessons to get started. With Python each of these lessons can now be done in Python so never before has it been so easy to go from Blockly based coding to learning a new language like Python. We allow you to jump between the two, and once you are familiar with Python you will be able to lock Blockly and purely code in Python. 

Now, if you’ve had the chance to read the playbook, you will see that it refers to the Community page. This is a great place for teachers to design their own lessons and share that with the community, as well as inspire each other. 

See? There’s never a dull moment because there are so many things you can do with Kai!

It doesn’t just stop there. We have released our latest competition, the Global Chess Challenge and currently it is making its way through schools, coding, and chess clubs. It has been well received with many registering for this event,  If you haven’t done it already and you know you have some chess masters-to-be in your classroom, don’t miss the closing date for registration on 30 August 2021. The finals will happen in May 2022.

If you are a school participating in the RoboNation SEAPERCH International event in June, don’t miss out on joining Kai’s Clan break-out rooms and get a taste for what lies ahead in 2022.

This weeks’ featured videos’

Watch how CD Soft Australia introduces the Newbie and Expert blocks of Kai’s Clan.

We are so proud of every one of our resellers. They are all working hard on webinars and events to introduce Kai’s Clan to the world.

To find your nearest reseller visit our page to see where you can purchase Kai’s Clan.

Meet Kai at one of the following events.

Maker Maven Showcase at TEA STEM event

26-29 April

Computational Thinking for All, Meet Commitment Makers

May 14, 10 am Pacific Standard Time

Interface XPO 2021 (workshops at each event delivered by teachers)

Christchurch – 21 May at Lincoln Event Centre

Wellington – 25 May at Lower Hutt Events Centre

Auckland – 27 May at Trust Arena

This week featured Kai’s Clan reseller

Congratulations to Makora Systems for the introduction of Kai’s Clan at the Science Fair in Malaysia. Here is a link to the webinar in case you have missed it. 

If you are a teacher or school and want to learn more about Kai’s Clan, go to www.kaisclan.ai and book a demo or contact Ronel at ronel@kaisclan.ai

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