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Kainundrum, introduces computational thinking as a 21st Century skill, in a fun and engaging way, where virtual play matches the physical in single or multiplayer games. Unleash your creativity and develop cognitive skills while building confidence in children, challenging them to the next level of problem-solving and critical thinking.

Lessons that make coding engaging and fun

You can unlock Kainundrum’s library of lesson plans, which come with your subscription option. However, we’ve also got some free-to-use lesson plans for you to get a taste of what Kainundrum is all about.

Choose from beginner, intermediate or expert lessons, specifically designed for K-12. 

Each lesson demonstrates how to use the Coding Cards, layout your physical KaiTiles, and how to solve your problem using Blockly. The expert lessons give you the Blockly solution as a text-based code, in Python.

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