KaiBot, the world's first hybrid robot

Screen free coding, hybrid or just virtual. You choose. 

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Small on size,
big on features

This purposefully designed education coding robot creates a rich and engaging way to teach & learn coding. Its small size defies its big abilities. KaiBot combines unplugged coding with included coding cards, or use KaiBot with Blockly & Python, which delivers alongside Kainundrum.com, an engaging virtual environment. Ages 5 to 99


Layout your coding card sequence, then tap KaiBot onto each card to program him. Hit the run program card and watch KaiBot win the day!


Magnetic Tiles

Snap together magnetic Kaitiles (6”x6”) and create your own challenges and race your friends. Design hundreds of different layouts with up to 60 tiles.


A deck of cards to teach coding concepts

These simple screen-free coding cards are a great activity to teach and introduce the basics of coding to your kids.  Developed by parents with text coding principles and various levels of difficulty to master the essential coding concepts with syntax and examples. 


KaiBot includes a set of 33 durable PVC coding cards.


This deck of over 100 PVC cards includes, variable, logic, operators and much more!

Code n' Play in Kainundrum.com

Kainundrum involves single player to frantic multiplayer races. Invite 5 friends and solve mazes, puzzles, hide ’n seek, cube run or escape rooms. Each game has lasers, mirrors, gates, slime, or just collect Doge coins. PLUS weekly challenges! 

Activities & lesson plans

Kainundrum, introduces computational thinking as a 21st Century skill. Unleash your creativity and develop cognitive skills while building confidence in children, challenging them to the next level of problem-solving and critical thinking.

Customise, Personalize & Strategize

With a game builder you can design your own games. Customize your virtual robot character. Choose an emoji and color scheme for your robot skin and also change your player hat.

What teachers say

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