Kai’s Education Bridging the Coding Gap

Pioneering early coding skills with KaiBot and Swift Playgrounds

Auckland, New Zealand, May 1, 2024 — Today, Kai’s Education, a pioneer in inclusive programmable robotics for STEM education, are proud to unveil our latest addition to our educational arsenal: KaiBot for Swift Playgrounds. This new initiative reaffirms our commitment to the 2023-2024 CSForAll movement, ensuring that every student, regardless of disability, has access to comprehensive computer science and STEM education. 

In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, coding isn’t just a skill—it’s a superpower. How do we equip our youngest with this power? Enter KaiBot and Swift Playgrounds.


The Importance of Coding Skills


Today, more than ever, coding is essential. It shapes how we live, work, and play. To navigate the digital future confidently, children need to start building coding skills at an early age. This is where our journey begins.

Swift Playgrounds: A new dawn in learning to code


Launched with excitement at Apple’s WWDC 2016, Swift Playgrounds has aimed to revolutionize learning by making coding fun, interactive, and accessible. This app serves as a gateway for young minds to dive into programming and engage critically with digital learning. However, Swift Playgrounds assumes a certain level of literacy and cognitive skill, leaving behind the youngest learners who are just starting their educational journey.

Challenges for Young Learners


Young children, particularly in kindergarten and early elementary school, often struggle with the abstract concepts of programming. Text-based coding can be daunting for those still mastering basic literacy and numeracy.

Kai’s Innovative Solutions


At Kai’s Education, we embrace the challenge. Recognizing the limitations of traditional text-based coding, we’ve innovated with screen-free coding cards. KaiBot, our friendly robot, helps children learn coding through colorful tactile coding cards and interactive tools that make complex concepts simple and easy to embrace.

“Bridging the gap between tactile learning and digital coding, KaiBot introduces Kindergarten children, even those with little to no previous experience, to the fundamentals of computer science,” said Bruce Jackson, CEO of Kai's Education. “This approach ensures a seamless flow from no-code environments to a full coding platform like Swift, laying a solid foundation for digital literacy from the very start.”

A Scaffold Approach to Coding


At Kai’s Education, we’ve crafted a scaffolded learning methodology that begins with the basics, using an unplugged and intuitive approach. Start with KaiBot and our innovative coding cards to introduce core programming principles in a tangible, hands-on way.

Simply pair KaiBot with your iPad, and embark on a journey through 11 progressive levels within Swift Playgrounds. Each level is meticulously designed to build on the previous, gradually introducing more complex concepts. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also empowers educators to effectively tailor their teaching strategies to meet diverse learning needs.

Empowering the Next Generation


With initiatives like Apple’s Everyone Can Code, we are taking steps to make programming accessible for all developmental stages. Kai’s Education aims to spark creativity and curiosity, empowering children to develop essential coding skills. Through our collaboration with Swift Playgrounds, we are lighting up the path to a bright future in coding education.

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Join us on our mission to make coding accessible for all children. Visit our website to learn more or schedule a demo today. Let’s code a better future together.

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