Kai's Clan

Find below software for your Kai's Clan robots

Kai’s Education creates coding apps to enrich interactions with Kai Education robots, suitable for students of all grades and abilities. Our innovative software not only fosters lasting coding and computer science skills across mainstream education but also extends support to Special Education (SPED) students, ensuring inclusive learning for all.

Kai's Eye Robot Tracker

Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker is an innovative app that is central to using Kai’s Clan robots. The app pairs all the robots, tracks the position of the robots on the mat, and communicates all this to the Kai’s cloud app.

Kai's Clan App

https://app.kaisclan.ai is the browser based portal for teachers & students to log in, code (Blockly & Python) their robots, add sensors, add 3d objects from Minecraft or Tinkercad and also code the included virtual viewer.

Kai's Virtual Viewer

Kai’s Virtual Viewer is a separate app that allows for real-time monitoring of classroom activities, positioning of robots, and a sandbox to add effects to their robot avatars.  You can interact with the 3D environment and Augmented Reality (AR). It facilitates a collaborative environment where everyone’s contributions can be viewed and shared.

There are several versions:

  • Kai’s Virtual Viewer – built in browser view of app.kaisclan.ai (PC or MAC only)
  • Kai’s Virtual Viewer for iPad or Android – Supports Augmented Reality
  • Kai’s Virtual Viewer for Virtual Reality for Meta Quest 1, 2 & 3 (Quest 3 supports augmented reality in pass through!) 

Kai's Virtual Viewer for the Oculus Quest

Kai’s Virtual Viewer for the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for version 1, 2 & 3 allows for viewing the virtual mat as well as on the Quest 3 headset allows for amazing mixed reality pass-through of the real-world blended together with the Kai’s Clan robots in real-time.

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