KaiBot robot blends reality and video gaming through coding

Use the companion platform Kainumdrum and jump in to KaiBot’s world!



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For the first time ever, we are blending virtual and physical robotics into one immersive fun multiplayer platform.

Created by a team of robotics and artificial-intelligence engineers.

Control a real KaiBot robot and see it come to life in the game.

With Kainundrum you can play alone, but it is designed to get friends working together to solve challenges or race against the clock, it’s usually joyous and anarchic. You don’t need to know how to code, just use the on-screen joystick, more points are awarded if you start adding code to your gameplay strategy. This helps encourage children to incorporate coding into their gameplay whilst having fun.

With Kainumdrum you can play alone with up to 6 friends

Extend your play, with 1 or up to 30 KaiBots, you can blend both physical and virtual play together. 

Great for home or the classroom.  With 30 robots, you might need to get some extra tile packs!

In solo play mode, solve challenges or race against the clock. You can have a physical robot at home and get your friends to play over the internet.

Ready to know more about Kaibot and how it will shake up the coding world?

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