Magnetic KaiTiles

Yes, KaiTiles are essential for interacting with KaiBot inside the companion app called Kainundrum lite. The Magnetic KaiTiles are compatible with Magna-tiles and provides students with an experience that is intuitive and fun! You can use KaiBot without KaiTiles, you will miss out on Kainundrum lite coding tutorials, 3D virtual playground and much more.

A classroom pack of 10 KaiBot robots and 30 KaiTiles is sufficient to start your coding journey. However, additional tiles can be purchased to create bigger mazes and explore more complex commands and functions.

Yes, ALL KaiTiles numbers must be facing the same orientation.


You can charge your KaiBot using the provided USB charging cable by connecting it to a computer or a standard USB charger.

KaiBot might have been left switched on and now the battery is completely drained! 

Charge KaiBot for around 3 hours in order to recover the battery. Ensure the power switch is turned off after each use. If KaiBot still doesn’t power on, contact our support team for further assistance.

When using Kainundrum lite, go to settings / accessibility and activate “Reader mode”, then each time a card is scanned by KaiBot, the tablet app will read out the card.

Yes, the volume can be adjusted within the settings menu on the Kainundrum lite app or by long pressing the KaiBot power switch. Refer to KaiBot user guide.

Ensure that the KaiTiles are placed in the correct orientation and the coding sequence is accurate. If the issue persists, please check for a KaiBot firmware upgrade or contact support for assistance.

  1. When using KaiBot with Kainundrum lite, cards are converted to Python & Swift text based coding. 
  2. When using KaiBot with the full version of Kainundrum.com, cards are converted to Blockly/Scratch & Python text based coding.

After each coding card is scanned by KaiBot, remember to lift KaiBot up a few inches away from the card, wait for the screen & LED lights to go red, then you are ready to scan the next card!

Kainundrum lite

No, however, you can use the full version of Kainundrum.com without a KaiBot.

Projects can be scanned within the Kainundrum Lite app using the projects scan option, and projects to scan can be found in Kainundrum.com.

On a computer, open Kainundrum.com and click the hamburger menu on the bottom right, then click “Projects”/ “Published Projects” and click the share icon. 

Go to Kainundrum lite app, click load projects and select “Scan Project” and scan the shared QR code. This will load the level into your Kainundrum lite app. 

Note: only Maze Race & Free Roam levels can be loaded. 

Refer to the Kainundrum lite user guide


Kainundrum lite (app)

Kainundrum.com (browser)


iPad, ChromeBook App & Android

PC,MAC using Edge, Chrome browsers

Code virtual KaiBot only option



Code KaiBot with cards



Code with Blockly & Python


Convert coding cards to Python



Convert coding cards to Blockly


Design your own levels


Load your own levels



Works with Magnetic KaiTiles




Kainundrum uses modern 3D graphics and requires lots of memory to run, please close all other applications and especially all open browser tabs!

For further information, refer to the user manual here.

Need any further assistance, contact support@kaiseducation.com

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