Get spooktacular with Kai’s Clan

Here’s a mini project to enjoy Halloween with Kai’s Clan

  1. Dress up your Kai robot. Maybe as a ghost or give them some bat wings. The key is to be SPOOKY!
  2. Cut out some bat wings on black paper, or construct them out of cardboard. 
  3. Just remember: don’t cover their eyes or the QR codes, otherwise, Kai can’t go Trick or Treat.
  4. Hop on to the computer and design your virtual character. Use Minecraft or Tinkercad to make bats, ghosts, pumpkins, spiders etc.
  5. Use the gripper object to pick up lollies at the end of the hallway.
  6. You want to go and share the lollies with your friends. Sounds easy?
  7. However, there is a scary spider waiting spewing blood in the shadows. Watch out for him or he will scare you and you will drop the lollies. 
  8. Will you pick up the lollies again or will you run away?

With Kai’s Clan, you can create your own avatars. By either designing something in Minecraft and Tinkercad. Start telling your stories through the different AR/VR Adventure Mats or if you want something less restrictive use the Sandbox Create Mat. The power is in your hands.

With the QR system, you can place the extra QR codes on the mat or build some lego structures with the QR codes attached on top and see how you can go into full multiplayer ‘game mode’.

Add your animations, effects, speech, sounds, or just teleport your character. With this, the possibilities are endless, students can think outside the box and let loose with their creativity while learning how to code these characters and objects. 

If you want to learn more see our upcoming webinars for a more detailed session.

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