Exclusive Kai’s Clan Webinars – November 2020

Week 1 – 5 November 

Create Minecraft Robot Avatars

See them come alive in AR

Create your favorite Minecraft character and watch them come alive as your robot avatar. Code your robot and Steve will be chasing all the creepers and mobs around the Rescue Run mat. Wherever your robot goes your avatar will move as well. Hear from Shelley how her students created their avatars for the Space Race.

Teacher: Shelley Duncan – Freeman’s Bay school 

Week 2 – 12 November

Collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and problem-based learning

Two schools on opposite sides of Sydney put their heads together to solve a Space mission. Students of St George Christian School and Inaburra School collaborate with each other using their own Mars mats and robots without having to be in the same classrooms together.

Co-host/Teachers: Karen Binns St George’s Christian School and Brian Host, Inaburra School

Week 3 – 19 November

Case Study of using Kai’s Clan in the classroom

After a very successful NZ School Space Race we want to share how these students designed their projects and how this fits into the curriculum for New Zealand. If you are a primary or secondary school teacher, you can use Kai’s Clan lessons in each grade level or create your own project to share with the community.

Co-host/Teacher: Catherine Fraser – Taupo College

Week 4 – 26 November

Making a smart garden with data monitoring

Learn how to take Kai’s motherboard out of their body and bring it out with you to the garden. Attach a sensor to the motherboard, connect to your phone, and start collecting data! Test the soil in the pot plant and water it with the submersible water pump while streaming live data. 

Co-host/Teacher: Martin Levins, Independent

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