Every cloud has a silver lining…

When it comes to dealing with diseases or any sort of disasters, humans and robots have very different approaches but with complementary outcomes. Many of us rise to the occasion by using our compassion and positivity to support each other during times of hardship, as seen in many fundraising efforts for COVID19. On the other hand, robots will take up the task of doing things that are too risky for humans to do themselves.

One such support is that we have seen some amazing fundraising ideas coming out of COVID19. 

The first person that comes to mind Capt. Tom Moore. He wanted to raise money by doing a few laps around his garden before he turns 100. He was hoping to raise £1000, but it just got bigger and better. After completing his 100 laps he raised £28.6 million ($35.2 million) for the National Health Service (NHS). But it didn’t stop there, Michael Ball approached Capt Tom and created a song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, which became the No 1 Hit on the UK charts.

Captain Tom Moore. Source Reuters

Hauser, my favourite cellist, held a special performance without an audience, in the stunning ancient outdoor amphitheatre Croatia’s Arena Pula. The performance was dedicated to ‘all the frontline workers around the world’.

Watch it here

Another amazing fundraiser was born out of a couple of friends missing their weekend jaunt at the nightclub. So they decided to build one of their own in Minecraft. However it didn’t stop there, they then continued to invite their other friends to join and even raised money for the NHS.

Source BBC

Even in schools, we have seen amazing projects emerging during the lockdown. There were Zoom songs, theatrical drama pieces, social science projects on how the environment has flourished during the COVID19 pandemic.

Here at Kai’s Clan, we model our lessons after current events, to help connect students to real life scenarios and relate better to what they are learning. That’s why we used Tinkercad and Minecraft design tools to create our own lessons about Covid19. 

Kai’s Clan lessons – How we flattened the curve

Our 3 lessons on designing your virus, practicing social distancing, and the final learning outcome graphing “How we Flattened the Curve”. 

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