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Web platforms and applications

Kai's Clan

The web app used in Chrome, Edge or Safari browsers to manage students, manage robots as well as where students can code Kai’s Clan robots.

Kai's Eye Robot Tracker

Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker is an innovative app that is central to using Kai’s Clan robots. The app pairs all the robots, tracks the position of the robots on the mat, and communicates all this to the Kai’s cloud app.

Kai's Virtual Viewer

Kai’s Virtual Viewer is a separate app that allows for real-time monitoring of classroom activities, positioning of robots, and a sandbox to add effects to their robot avatars.  You can interact with the 3D environment and Augmented Reality (AR). It facilitates a collaborative environment where everyone’s contributions can be viewed and shared.

There are several versions:

  • Kai’s Virtual Viewer – built in browser view of (PC or MAC only)
  • Kai’s Virtual Viewer for iPad or Android – Supports Augmented Reality
  • Kai’s Virtual Viewer for Virtual Reality for Meta Quest 1, 2 & 3 (Quest 3 supports augmented reality in pass through!) 

KaiBot & Kainundrum

Kainundrum Lite

The Kainundrum lite app is available for iOS, Android and Chromebooks and features learn to code, code conversion to text based code (Python). It mirrors the physical KaiBot robot in KaiBot’s virtual playground, call Kainundrum! It’s like a BeeBot on steroids! Accessibility mode can be accessed inside Kainundrum Lite.

Designed for Grades K-5
Progression from KaiBot or Kainundrum Swift.

Scan the above QR code to install Kainundrum lite for Swift Playgrounds.

Kainundrum Swift

Learn to code

while playing with KaiBot in Swift Playgrounds

An immersive, tactile experience that makes it fun to learn and experiment with code. Through the Kainundrum Swift app, students use physical coding cards to scaffold their understanding of programming concepts, translating their actions into real Swift code. As they solve puzzles and guide KaiBot through quests, they engage with the fundamentals of coding in a kinaesthetic learning process. KaiBot and Swift Playgrounds require no prior coding knowledge, making it an ideal platform for beginners to develop their skills in a dynamic and interactive STEAM environment.

Designed for Grades K-5
Progression from KaiBot or Kainundrum lite.

A free-to-play
code 'n game platform is a web-based game builder and coding platform. It’s available in the browser only for PC, Mac, or Chromebook. Students  code in Blockly or Python. 

It features puzzles, mazes, and escape rooms modes. Students can share their projects with other students as well as share these in the Kainundrum lite app.

Designed for Grades 5-8
Progression from Kainundrum lite & Kainundrum Swift)
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