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Web platforms and applications

Kai's Clan

Kainundrum is a free-to-play code 'n game platform

This is the main place to code your Kai’s Clan robots, as well as manage students. 

Kai's Eye Robot Tracker

This Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker app is used to pair and track the position of robots on the included mat with your Kai’s Clan pack. This app works in conjunction with coding platform. 

Kai's Virtual Viewer

Code Kai’s Clan robots to drive around the themed mats to complete missions and watch your code come to life with Augmented or Virtual Reality.

KaiBot & Kainundrum

Kainundrum Lite

Kainundrum lite is a simplified version of the full web platform. It is designed for use on tablets and is available for iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices as an app.

A free-to-play code 'n game platform


Kainundrum is a web-based environment designed for PC & MAC using Chrome or Edge browsers using WebGL technology for visual 3D graphics.

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