Kai Robots and their chipsets

Kai's Education and our stance on banned Chinese chipsets


Recent decisions by the American Federal government have brought attention to bans on specific telecommunications equipment, including those from Huawei and associated companies. In light of this, we’d like to highlight:

• Kai’s Education’s commitment to quality: Our robots don’t incorporate HiSilicon chipsets. Even though education robots aren’t the direct target of these bans, we assure our customers that our products steer clear of chipsets from HiSilicon, a Huawei Technologies affiliate.

• Vendor selection integrity: Years in the industry have sharpened our SoC (‘system on a chip’) vendor choices. We prioritize responsibility and foresight in our component sourcing.

• Chain of trust: Beyond just products, our rich industry history positions us to foster ethical supply chains, holding our associates to rigorous standards of environmental and societal responsibility.

• Global trust in Kai’s Education: Institutions across the globe trust our line of advanced education robots. Not only are our robots integrated into diverse educational landscapes, but the software they run on meets high-security benchmarks.


• Recognized and certified: Kai’s Education robots, accompanied by our specialized software, have achieved certifications making them fit for compliant educational contexts.

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