Mazes Galore!

Mazes galore! This weekend I was running around in a massive maze, trying to find my way out. I was going slowly to try and remember and find some clues to progress to the end. Kids came running past me, just to find the same kids running in the opposite direction 10 seconds later. We …

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International Education Day 2021

International Education Day 2021 On this day we wanted to celebrate and promote the role of education and thus, the International Day of Education came into existence. The objective of International Education Day is to focus on three main segments, which are: learning heroes, innovations, and financing. The day focuses on topics like providing quality …

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New feature drop – claim your collectibles!

New feature drop – claim your collectables! For decades, there has been evidence that classroom techniques designed to get students to participate in the learning process produce better educational outcomes at virtually all levels. We believe the same, that’s why we continuously roll out new features that we think will help to get students more …

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Let us treat you to a 5-star support

Overview It would be fair to say that the EDTECH marketplace is pretty saturated, with many different learning tools competing with each other. At Kai’s Clan, we answer teachers with ‘why and how’ will Kai’s Clan make a difference in your classroom. Our system is based on the belief and findings that indicate research-based strategies …

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