Mazes Galore!

Mazes galore! This weekend I was running around in a massive maze, trying to find my way out. I was going slowly to try and remember and find some clues to progress to the end. Kids came running past me, just to find the same kids running in the opposite direction 10 seconds later. We

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International Education Day 2021

International Education Day 2021 On this day we wanted to celebrate and promote the role of education and thus, the International Day of Education came into existence. The objective of International Education Day is to focus on three main segments, which are: learning heroes, innovations, and financing. The day focuses on topics like providing quality

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Celebrate with Kai!

You asked for Python – we are live! Kai’s Clan all-in-one STEAM toolbox just got bigger, much bigger. Currently, we use Blockly code blocks which are great for Elementary and Middle Schools but we got asked more and more to include Python.  Here at Kai’s Clan, we aim to make things simple. We made using

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From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love! I’d like to start today’s blog post off with a big round of applause. At Kai’s Clan, we are so appreciative of teachers that continuously contribute to Kai’s community lessons with their own lessons , so everyone in the community can benefit.  An extra big “Kai 5” to the teachers adding to the

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The Ultimate Battle!

Global STEAM Collaboration Meets Chess Kai’s Clan, in collaboration with EDGEucating, Heidi Williams, MS Robotics, and RoboNation are taking part in the organization of a brand new competition launching in the fall of 2021!  We are excited to tell you about the 2021-2022 Global Chess Challenge! Join us for the world’s FIRST-EVER physical and virtual

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