Case Study: Kangaroo Rescue Mission at Kingsgrove High

Kingsgrove High School, NSW, Australia, is the first case study using the new “Sandbox” feature of Kai’s Clan. In Sandbox mode, students created their own objects with Tinkercad and Minecraft. Very soon we had the firetruck putting out the fires and the ambulance rescuing the distressed kangaroos and taking them to the field hospital. We created 4 roles for the students and helped them write pseudocode and develop the code to achieve the right outcomes with their 4 robots. 

Teacher Patricia Cazouris wanted to use Kai’s Clan for Inquiry and Project-Based Learning. This fitted well into the Digital Technologies Curriculum for the students’ outcomes (ST3-2DP-T, ST3-3DP-T, ST3-11DI-T).  The focus skills were: Working scientifically, design and production process and the inquiry stage was: Using and Interpreting Data, Digital Systems, and Networks and Designing Solutions.

Kais Clan is aimed at 7-14 years of age students, and we provide introductory training for teachers, as well as a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to get coding with Kai’s Clan. For further Personal Development (PD) we have approved PD trainers worldwide that can help you plan your lessons and guide you to the right outcomes in your curriculum.

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