Beyond just coding...

Where the Industrial Revolution of yore saw the replacement of certain manual labour with machinery, we are now experiencing a new kind of change through the Industrial Revolution 4.0. 

In the recent decade, computer science as a degree has enjoyed growth in popularity amongst undergraduates, which is a mirror to the growing demand for coding as a job skill.

I am sure you already know that we would be the first to advocate the importance of knowing how to code. Like you, and the many forward-thinking teachers who recognise the value of coding, we believe that all children should have the same fundamental competency as they would with literacy and mathematics. 

As the shepherds for our future generation, grade school, and high school teachers like yourself lay the foundations for our children so that they can pursue further education. As a result, more and more young people attend collegesIn the US, four out of ten will graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Having a degree allows them to have a competitive edge, when entering the workforce, over their peers who do not possess one. 

However, just as we have seen a change in the education landscape, we are also witnessing a shift in the professional world.

Qualifications are most certainly an invaluable asset, but now, having diverse skills to complement them leaves a greater impression. It gives one the privilege of a more colourful career life.

Take, for example, teamwork as an essential skill. Yes, coding can be quite solitary at times, but if there is one thing we hope our robots can espouse, it is that collaboration is the key to success. 

You don’t need to burden yourself to become a solo expert in coding or the sole master of C++ or Java in order to complete projects. If you can communicate effectively with others, then more brain power can come together to arrive at a solution quicker than working alone. Managers will also be able to better assign various tasks to employees depending on their skills.

With that in mind, schools must once again be open to the idea of adapting the current coding curriculum to include the Skills Framework for the Information Age. This will boost school leavers with greater confidence that they can thrive in their professional life and give them greater fulfillment. We recommend reading this excellent article on how skills has become the new currency between and within businesses.

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