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Kai’s Education, established through the collaboration of Autonomous Works Ltd and 3D Printing Systems Limited, has been nurturing an interest in coding in children with their educational products and resources in classrooms since 2011.

Our first robot, Kai’s Clan (7 – 15yrs) was created as an all-in-one STEAM toolbox for teachers that allows them to teach coding and be creative in the design of robot avatars and storytelling. Kai’s Clan brings kids from around the world together and allows them to solve challenges in exciting new ways.

We envisioned a platform where the physical and the virtual worlds merge to become an interactive learning playground, with the goal to nurture an interest for coding in children. Students code their robots to navigate the mat in real-time, wherever they are in the world. Through designing their own robot avatars and environments a fusion of the real world and virtual world come to life. Kai’s Clan breaks the traditional geographical barriers to bring kids from around the world together and allow them to solve challenges in exciting new ways. 

Throughout product research and development phases, Bruce is always asking and listen to teachers; learning, adapting, and improving.

As such Kai’s Education identified the need to reach beginners in coding (5yr+) and at the same time introduce a maturing teacher demographic, with a fear of adopting new technology, to an introduction to coding. A simple single robot, like KaiBot in Kainundrum does both.

Using New Zealand schools as a testing pad to validate new products, Kai’s Education’s key international markets include the USA, Italy, and Australia with relationships developing in the UK, UAE, and Canada.

In 2019 Kai’s Education received the USA, Common Sense Top Pick for Learning Award at ISTE, and won the District Administration Award for Top Edtech Product in the USA for 2022 alongside Lego Spike.

What a huge accomplishment for a company that has only been in the market four years, with two of those during a pandemic.

About the .

Bruce Jackson

CEO & Founder
The face of Kai’s Clan, Part CEO, part geek, Bruce Jackson leads the strategy and technology side of the business.
As a seasoned public speaker, I specialize in addressing topics related to AI, robotics, and their impact on the classroom. If you have any speaking opportunities available, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be delighted to share my expertise and insights with your audience.

As a father himself, Bruce wanted to expose the youth to real-world technologies like companies Amazon, Tesla use. He understands the importance of computer science in education and increasing diversity in STEM fields around the world. 

During the products research and development phase, he would ask and listen to teachers, learn, adapt and improve.

Bruce pushes the boundaries with his passion to provide young people with opportunities and training to help build their STEM skills for their futures.

About the .

The heart is what pumps blood around the body, sending oxygen and nutrients to keep it functioning. Our valuable team members are the heart of Kai’s Education and each person holds an important role in its operation.

From our programmers to engineers; marketing, sales, and accounts, they come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. However, everyone shares the same sentiment and vision; they, like Bruce, believe in bettering our children’s opportunities now, it will pave a road to success in the future.

We are a tight-knit team that operates more like a family, bonding over the foosball table and sharing jokes as much as our lives over pizza.

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