A Study in Scarlett

Depending on what sphere you’re in, you may or may not have heard of Scarlett, who has competed in over 178 tournaments and has gone as far as earning $332,066.27 from her winnings.

What sports tournament is it you ask?

Well, this is probably going to give ammo to your children the next time you want to stop them from playing too much video games because Scarlett is an eSports Player and her main gig is StarCraft II.

Scarlett is known as Sasha Hostyn IRL (that’s In Real Life, for those who want to catch up with the lingo) and has competed in StarCraft II tournaments as early as 2011.

Girls have always been in the gaming world, though it was generally seen as a boy’s domain. More and more female gamers are getting recognition and are standing with their male counterparts on the eSports stage.

Now, before you denounce eSports or gaming as something detrimental and only associate sport as physical activity, please consider it on another perspective. Gaming isn’t just button mashing, it does involve skills to become a competent player. eSports require just as much communication and collaboration with teammates, as well as strategic tactics and definitely a high level of competitiveness.

eSports Tournament at Te Puke High School
Source: PBTech

Furthermore, schools in New Zealand are recognizing the opportunities with e-sport and have incorporated them into the curriculum. Te Puke High School is one school that uses e-sport as part of the business studies. Students need to organise the event, find sponsors, competitors and deliver as part of the curriculum.

Next time your child wants to play some video games, maybe get involved and enjoy the time with them. They will appreciate your efforts and who knows, they might able to teach you a thing or two.

The same can be said about Kai’s Clan, not only do the children have fun with coding, many of the teachers who took part in our webinar had a great time as well.

Learning while collaborating is what Kai’s Clan offers. With careful planning and strategies, you can turn your code into a multiplayer game and see it come to life with our new “Sandbox” 3D viewer. Invite your friends and family to experience ‘your code’ from anywhere in the world. 

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