A hygienic classroom is a safer classroom

Although we can’t yet visit our international teachers we are fortunate to stay busy with New Zealand events happening across the country. We keep our masks on and respect school policies and again we want to show our gratitude to teachers that continue to be there for our students and help them in these stressful times.

Last week we returned from a school in Taupo and we were so impressed with how switched on students are when it comes to practising good hygiene in the classroom. Each student entered the classroom, sanitized their hands, picked up bacterial wipes, then they went straight to their computers/desktops and started cleaning their devices. All completed without a fuss before class began.

This encounter reminds me of the UNICEF article I read, regarding precautions to be taken in the classroom in order to create a safer environment for the students and teachers. 

Here’s a snippet which I thought was important to keep in mind during these times.

Some of your students might be returning to school from households where they heard false information about COVID-19. You will need to educate them on the facts. 

Understanding COVID-19, how it spreads and how we can protect ourselves and others is an important first step in establishing classroom procedures and protocols. 

Classroom precautions during COVID-19 – UNICEF

Which reminds me, during one of our webinars a very good question came up. How easy is it to clean Kai’s robots? Fortunately, Kai’s robots are very strong and durable, so all you need is a quick spray of disinfectant to wipe the outside of the robot and around the gripper bars. There are no little nooks and crannies that are hard to get access to.

We want to encourage students to care for their Kai robots as they would for their belongings and practice good health and safety precautions.

Education photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com
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