Humans and Robots: The Dream Team

While we have limited international travels in a bid to help each other slow the spread of the virus, we want to go down the memory lane with some of the robot friends Kai has made over the course of the year. We especially want to find out how they are doing right now.

Kai stretching with NAO

During the International Robocup 2019 Kai’s had the pleasure of meeting some of these awesome robots, like Softbank Robotic’s Pepper and NAO.

These same robots are now being deployed everywhere to help fight the Covid19 virus.

Kai’s friend Pepper, greeting patients with mild coronavirus symptoms in a Tokyo hotel. Source: Associated Press

More and more we see the use of robots every day in our society. Robots can take your temperature at the border, help with contactless delivery, spraying disinfectants and performing basic diagnostic functions, in order to minimise the risk of cross-infection.

While some robots are working in the medical field, others are being deployed in the military alongside their human counterparts, so they can disarm bombs and save lives. Kai met this guy at Robocup as well.

But robots are not just for the serious business. Once we were off the clock,  we went with Kai to buy ice-cream from Mr Robotman in Melbourne. No human in sight!

Waiting patiently while we wait for the robot staff to scoop our ice cream.

This goes to show how integral robots have become in our lives, so much so that our children are now learning robotics, coding, and programming at school.

As a response, schools are adding more resources to help students learn future life skills. In Israel, they have announced that Scratch 3.0 is their third official language and everybody has to learn coding with Scratch. 

Teachers are embracing STEAM subjects too. We are all upskilling to teach digital technologies, computer science etc but wouldn’t it be fantastic if we can use coding beyond STEAM subjects. It doesn’t just need to be pulled out in the robotics class or when we use sensors in science. 

With Kai’s Clan, you can choose from our all-in-one STEAM toolbox to do coding with augmented and virtual reality and use sensors to do data visualisation. Now you can collaborate with other students, classes or even countries because of our platform is all online.

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