No coding expericend required!

KaiBot robot

KaiBot is the world’s first hybrid coding robot, that blends new screen-free coding and virtual multiplayer coding into one fun & engaging solution.

KaiBot is the new code n’ play robot system, which does not require any prior coding experience, takes no time to set-up, and can be used without any screens or software or pair your Kaibot online with for an immersive multiplayer coding challenges. 

KaiBot can be used in a variety of ways

Brick compatible 

Autonomous Charging

Control cards manage the basic flow of the program in an organized fashion. They also include function cards that can be used to record seperate routines outside of the main code and then run in sequence.

When KaiBot is placed ontop of the Record Start, she will automaticlay move onto the next card to start recording the program.

Control Category Coding Cards:

Snap Tiles

Easy to setup, double sided to build larger mazes, escapes and puzzles.

3 sizes 

Conditional Category Coding Cards:

Social Emotional Learning

The use of logic and social-emotional learning go hand in hand. These cards are moved up or down to align to the previous card to indicate the desired emotion outcome. 

SEL Category Coding Cards:

Color Mixing

Stands for “Red Green Blue” and each color can have a maximum of 255 shades of each color. RGB refers to the three hues of light. Use one or all three to create your own colors. Slide each card up or down to alighn to the previous card.

Color Mixing Category Coding Cards:

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